The story….

The story was born long before television, long before the internet, and long, long, long before books. Back then, as wolves circled the camp fires beyond the cave entrance, adults shared tales with children. These tales served to make children secure, teach them about the world they lived in, pass on family histories and provide some sort of moral compass, but mostly, they sought to entertain. E-stories give you, the story teller the words and allow the images to grow in your own candle lit rooms or fire lighted caves, as the wolves in the night dark make themselves comfortable, pricking up their ears to listen in, as wolves do.

This is the blog of writer Rianh Silvertree, who is busy writing and studying and drinking the coffee somewhere in Australia, possibly right at this moment. Please be patient while she learns where to place her feet on the blog controls and blunders through cyberspace leaving jammy finger marks on absolutely everything. Some of her recently published articles are available for viewing here and here.


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